Forest Thinning Support Paper

"Morino Chonai-Kai" is the activity which we can start in our daily routine to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Needs of Forest Thinnin

In situations of low utilization of domestic timber and inefficient forestry sector, forest thinning is not well conducted and decline in functions of forests is an issue of concern. There are large number of forests which cannot fulfill the primary functions due to less thinning work causing less sunlight on the ground.


Cost of forest thinning

Even when governmental subsidies are added in sales price of forest thinning materials, the costs for logging, building work roads, and for transportation are exceeded and not balanced out by the income. If forest thinning is done, thinning materials will be left a lot in the forest (Non-commercial thinning).

Structure of "Morino Chonai-Kai"

"Morino Chonai-Kai" is a new mechanizum to offset the deficit of the costs for forest thinning by purchasing and using "Forest Thinning Support Paper" as part of companies' contribution to the environment. When Forest Thinning Support Companies purchase the "Forest Thinning Support Paper" in which Forest Thinning Promotion Cost (15 yen per kilogram) is added and use it for printed materials, full amount of the Forest Thinning Promotion Cost is used for forest thinning operation and effective use of thinning material.


Management of Traceability and Forest Thinning Promotion Cost

  • Environmental Non-Profit Organization Office Chonai-Kai ensure the reliability of the contribution to the environment by managing the mechanism with excellent traceability.
  • The secretariat certify forest thinning support companies' contribution to forest thinning and use of thinning material by sending Forest Thinning Report, Thinning Material Receipt Report and Sales Report of "Forest Thinning Support Paper."
  • Forest Thinning Promotion Cost 15 yen managed by the Secretariat is all used by Forestry Cooperative for forest thinning operation and effective use of thinning material.

Easy to Start and Continuable Contribution to the Environment

The activities of "Morino Chonai-Kai" is a contribution to the environment which every companies can start in daily work by using paper. It is not donation but corresponds to printing cost. Cost for paper is about 20% of the total printing cost. Therefore, even "Forest Thinning Support Paper" is 10% more expensive, the total cost increases about 2% ant the contribution to the environment is continuable.


Social Reputation

  • Participant companies can make appeals their contributions to the environment by using original logo mark for printed materials made by "Forest Thinning Support Paper."
  • The secretariat make appeals contributions to the environment on website.
  • The activities of "Morino Chonai-Kai" has already gain reputations socially through the media and awarded the Forestry Agency secretary prize.